Are you ready to own your own home?

Buying a home can be a daunting task, but for many people it is well within reach. Perhaps inhibitions have kept you from taking advantage of the incredible personal satisfaction and financial benefits of being a homeowner. In a few short meetings we will be able to help you better understand the home buying process, determine your purchasing power, and begin showing you properties that meet your criteria. This process is easy and completely free to begin. It’s not until you close on a home that you have to pay anything at all! So why not consider buying a home?

Whether you are buying your first home, considering an upgrade, or looking for an investment property to take advantage of great tax benefits and appreciation, we want to help you every step of the way. First, we will help you identify and clarify what it is that you want in a home, and then we work diligently to find homes that will meet or exceed your expectations.

We will also introduce you to our preferred lending team who will assist you in getting approved for a mortgage. Once approved, the team will provide a variety of other services to make your home purchasing process even easier. Give Tim a call today at 202-210-7456 or email him at to start the exciting process of buying a home!

How do I buy a foreclosure?

Some of the greatest values on the market today are foreclosures. We have helped clients purchase a lot of these and have even purchased one ourselves. A foreclosure can make for a great investment but it has to be carefully researched and you MUST understand what is involved to make a solid return on your investment. We have an email list of foreclosures that we can put you on so you can see what is for sale out there. Give Tim a call at 202-210-7456 to talk about the process over the phone and sign up for the foreclosure email list learn how to take advantage of the current market that will not last for long!

How do I search for homes?

As your realtors, we will search for properties using the Metropolitan Regional Listing Service (available only to certified Realtors) according to the criteria you request. We will send you listings of properties as soon as they become available and then schedule a time to take you to the property.

How do I make an offer to purchase a home?

There are a number of factors that affect the amount you will offer for a home: supply and demand, condition of home, number of days on the market, and your personal circumstances–such as when you want to move and how much you are able to afford.

You may also weigh in on how much you want the house. In a competitive market like we are currently experiencing, buyers usually have to make their best financial offer. We will advise you on ways to make your offer more attractive. For example, mortgage credit approval, earnest money deposits, and flexibility on settlement date may be important factors that will encourage the seller to select your offer.

When it comes to making the offer, we will write an offer for you and then present it to the seller, often in person. We will help you think through all of the issues so you can determine the best overall offer you can make at the time.

How much does it cost?

Traditionally, there are no realtor fees associated with purchasing a home. The seller pays all of the costs to the realtors of both the seller and the buyer. The costs you will incur relate to closing costs, taxes, and any tests or inspections you would like done. Here is a list of traditional costs buyers pay. The costs usually amount between 2-4% of the sales price depending on when and where you buy a home.

Home inspection (strongly recommended but optional)

Termite inspection (usually required)

Any other inspections such as radon, well water, etc (usually optional)

Appraisal (usually required)

Title insurance (usually required)

Settlement fees (required)

Fees to secure your loan (required)

Pro-rated condo or HOA fees (if any)

Pro-rated property taxes (required)

County and state sales tax and transfer fee (required)

What are the basic steps of buying a home?

1. Determine your search criteria

2. Attain mortgage pre-approval

3. View homes

4. Make an offer (submit sales contract)

5. Reach an agreement (ratify the contract)

6. Supply down payment

7. Schedule a home appraisal

8. Schedule home inspection and other tests (water, soil, radon, etc)

9. Prepare for settlement – get finances in order, finalize closing costs

10. Home connections – prepare for change in utilities, cable, phone, etc.

11. Confirm closing and closing costs

12. Go to settlement

13. Move in

For more details on the steps of purchasing a home or any other questions you have about the home buying or selling process, please contact us.

Give Tim a call today at 202-210-7456 or email him at to start the exciting process of buying a home!