Back in the “good old days”, cleaning a home was a straight-forward task. Cleaning product options were limited, methods were widely shared, and there was less access to the opinions and data that now keep us second guessing ourselves. Along the way, a multitude of misinformation and myths crept into general house-cleaning knowledge, so we’re here to look at and debunk a few of them!

1. You need a lot of different cleaning products

The great news is that debunking this myth saves you money! The reality is that companies have made a fortune creating so many varieties of specialized products, but in most cases, they’re not at all needed. Get yourself a nice pile of high-quality microfiber cloths (much more effective than cotton), a streak-free window cloth, and an all-purpose cleaner. This will handle about 90% of your regular house cleaning! Trust us!

 2.  Wood needs polishing

Nope. Polish products add a layer of buildup to smooth wood surfaces, which can be good for a quick shining, but a regular use of polish is completely unnecessary. A damp microfiber cloth is all you need to gently wipe away dust and dirt for a natural shine – and nothing more!

3. Bleach doesn’t clean

It’s true – bleach definitely disinfects, but before it can disinfect a surface, the dirt and grime must be lifted. So, disinfecting a bathroom or a kitchen really IS a two-part process. First, use a spray cleaner and cloth to wipe physical matter off surfaces. THEN apply bleach – but it takes 10 minutes for bleach to work on a surface, so don’t rush it! Let bleach sit, then wipe off with a damp cloth.

4. Washing machines self-clean.


We wish! The truth is a washing machine traps the gunk from all the work it’s been doing for your clothes, so it, too, needs a wash! At least once a month, commit to running a clean cycle, which can be as simple as adding a cup of baking soda and a half cup of vinegar to a normal hot cycle. This will help curb the musty smells and keep your clothing smelling fresh!

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