In honor of Earth Day, we’re passing along a few green tips and money saving ideas that tree huggers (and non-tree huggers) can appreciate!


Tip 1: Light your path with Ring solar lights.

We have an affinity for these (to the point that we have been known to use them as closing gifts for our clients!) From flood lights to path lighting, these can be controlled remotely while being solar powered. Pretty great! 

path light

Tip 2: Don’t plant annuals in the ground QUITE yet! 

If you’re reading this before May 8-ish, this one is just a simple don’t-waste-your-money tip. We know it’s tempting on these warm days throughout April, but hear us: Save yourself the heartache (and the money) and wait till closer to Mother’s Day to do your major planting. Anything you plant now will be a goner if we have a freeze (which is still entirely possible!)



Tip 3: Install Rain Barrels 

If you have sufficient space in your yard for this, rain barrels are a sure way to help cut water costs in the peak of summer when your plants are wilting.  They come in all shapes and sizes, and you can even DIY them for a customized look. They can blend in well with your yard while chipping away at your water bill.  

rain barrel 


Tip 4: Reduce, Reuse, RESALE! 

Make a profit from spring cleaning! Expel all the clutter that has built up over winter! Try some of these out and possibly bring in some cash! On the flip side, if you’re looking to make new wardrobe or home purchases, there is nothing wrong with secondhand shopping – in fact, it’s the fashion of the future!   


  • Order a “Clean Out Bag” from thredUp, an online thrifting retailer for women and children, when you set up an account. Once it comes in the mail, fill it with accessories, shoes, and clothes you no longer want that are in good condition. thredUp sorts your bag (current processing time is longer than usual), decides what they can sell, takes pictures for you, and lists items! Anything not sellable will be ethically recycled. (note: you might not find that the return is as high as you hoped, but it’s far less work for you than consigning!). 

  • Facebook Marketplace makes it incredibly easy to list anything you want to sell, whether it’s for local pick-up or something you’re willing to ship (paid for by the buyer.)  

  • OfferUp merged with the LetGo app and has a great interface for listing unwanted items for cash! 

  • Poshmark is a free fashion-forward app (clothing – including kids! – and décor) that allows you to upload pictures and detailed descriptions. Build more followers by sharing listings of other people to watch your items get purchased more quickly!  


Happy Savings!