What a childish holiday it is, April Fools! A perfect time to prank those sweet little unsuspecting kiddos in your life.

Quick caveat: they are children, and the goal is not to terrify them or cause them to feel like they can’t trust you! But we really think that if you can pull off something from this list of harmless jokes, your kids will actually be truly delighted. They might even try to pull a fast one on you, too, so don’t say you weren’t warned!

Out of Gas!

Grab your kids to run an errand in the car. While you’re en route, pull onto a safe side street while declaring the car has run out of gas (or, if they’re able to read and see that you’re not actually out of gas, tell them the car has simply broken down and you don’t know why!) Get everyone out and begin your long walk together to your destination. It’s up to you how far you make them walk, but a nice follow-up to your eventual yelling “APRIL FOOLS!” might be to hit up a McDonald’s drive-thru for Shamrock Shakes.

Late for school!

After your kids go to sleep, switch the clocks ahead (again). In the morning, wake them up on time, but act like there is a big rush to get them out the door as if they are late. Instead of taking them to school, you have time to take them to breakfast!

person holding red and beige twin bell analog alarm clock


Tell your kids you baked them some brownies! When you remove the foil, the pan will be filled with actual “E”’s cut from brown construction paper or cardboard. Whether or not you have a real pan of brownies on standby is your call!

Frozen Cereal

After bedtime tuck-ins, pour a bowl of their favorite cereal, add the milk and a spoon, and stick it in the freezer. When they come down to eat, act like nothing’s weird. They’ll be bamboozled!


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The Eye-Pad

Tell your kid you bought them a new “iPad.” And you did! But it’s an eye-pad from the pharmacy. Screen time avoided.

Plant “doughnut seeds”

For the younger kiddo! Take your toddler out to the yard in the morning and help them plant a dozen cheerios in some soil. They’ll be amazed when they find that the tiny seeds have grown into a dozen doughnuts by the afternoon!

Hidden kitty

If you have a walkie-talkie set, hide one in your kid’s closet, under their bed, or in an air vent. When the time is right, start meowing into it at various points. You might need to hide a camera, too, so you can capture some fantastic footage of your child looking for their new “pet”.

brown and white cat on brown wooden shelf

If these walls could see

April Fools Day, but mellow. Just stick googly eyes on EVERYTHING.


Wad up some toilet paper and stick it deep into the toe of your kids’ shoes. How long will it take for them to realize their feet didn’t, in fact, grow a crazy amount overnight?

Cupcakes for Dinner

Coolest Parents ever? Yes, yes you are. Bake mini meatloaves in muffin cups and “frost” them with mashed potatoes. Revel in their dismay.


Let us know if you try any of these – we want your funny April Fools Day success stories!

Email them to us: info@piersonrealestate.com

all you need is lol neon light signage