Over the past couple of years during the pandemic I believe there is one thing that we collectively experienced. One area of our lives that has stood at the forefront of our minds and hearts. It’s the notion of gratitude. Not to say we weren’t grateful before, but the pandemic has shown us the many things we took for granted. From the powerful loss of not being able to gather with familyto the simple inconvenience of not having enough toilet paper or being able to run to the store or go to school. I’m sure that we have all have been grateful for our health in the past but never have we been more thankful for the well-being and safety of our family and friends. 

Benjamin Comegys shares in the Primer of Ethics, “Gratitude is the easiest of all the virtues to cultivate. It requires no self-denial; it brings its own reward immediately; it is within the reach of everybody. There is no one who does not receive some favor or kindness from another person and there is no one who cannosay, “I thank you,’” 

However, there is a difference between saying your grateful and being grateful. Gratitude is not only what we feel in return for what we receive from others, but it is a desire to do something in return, to show that we have this feeling.” shared Comegys. 

It’s simple to acknowledge that you are thankful or appreciative for a gift or a blessing, but gratitude seems to go a step further. It moves from feeling to an action. So, this season let’s stop and consider – how might we live our lives in such a way that turns gratitude into an action and a state of being. How can we BE grateful. 

While we can show our loved one’s gratitude, I do think this season of Thanksgiving challenges us to consider where all good things come from. With over 96% of Americans expressing that they believe in some higher power, I think most would agree The highest kind of gratitude is that which we owe to God. He is our Creator – our constant Benefactor. He continues us in life, He preserves us in health, He gives us sleep when we are tired, He awakens us in the morning. – Comegys. 

As we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving, let’s remember the virtue of gratitude and perhaps find hope that life isn’t expected to be easy but we can always rest in peace with scriptures where God says “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” John 16:33 

Let’s use this time to say and show our gratitude for all the many blessings we have. Blessings from our friends, family and our Lord.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families! We are so GRATEFUL to be able to serve you and to have partnered with you in finding or selling your home. Blessings!