You know you want to sell your house but you’re not quite ready to pull the trigger. As hot as this market has been lately you’ve been giving it some serious consideration. Maybe the town house is starting to feel a little small or perhaps you’ve made the decision to move closer to family. Whatever your situation is, you can do these 5 things now to start preparing to sell your house. This way when it comes time, you will be ready.   

  1. Cracked windows? Creaky deck? – Now is the time to take care of those household repairs that have been on your to do list. Inside your home look for any cracked windows, foggy sliding glass doors, rotted exterior boards, missing tile or broken railings. It’s way cheaper to do it early than to negotiate a credit after a home inspection. 

  2. Reduce by 50% – Yes, it’s painful, but if you start decluttering now it will make packing and selling down the road much easier. Don’t try to do the whole house in a weekend, but tackle a room at a time. Donate old clothes, toys, or duplicate household items. You want buyers to see themselves living there. A good rule is to reduce by 50%, if you have 10 things on a shelf, get rid of 5. So, forget “does it bring you joy” and just “let it go!” 

  3. Simple Updates That Make a Difference – There are some affordable updates that will spruce up your look and help you sell faster. How old are your light fixtures? What about the hardware on your cabinets or drawers? These are easy to change out for fresh modern ones. Also consider adding a smart thermostat which can be a bonus for home buyers. How crazy are your paint colors? Since not everyone has the same paint preference, consider painting your walls neutral colors… there’s a reason they named is “Agreeable Gray”.

  4. Get The Gardening Gloves Out – How the outside of your home looks is just as important as the inside. If you haven’t cleaned up the landscaping in a while, spend a weekend doing some weeding, planting and everyone’s favorite…power washing.

  5. Schedule A Free Staging Consultation and We’ll Line Everyone Up For You – Does all of this sound overwhelming? Give us a call and we can come by and give you some tips on the best ways to layout your house for buyers and make recommendations on affordable contractors to do it for you. All updates are valuable but before you start spending any significant amount of money contact us so we can advise you on what will get you the most return on your investment.