As we learn to navigate the “new normal”, there is a challenge facing many parents that many didn’t anticipate. Cozy family togetherness poses a problem when you still have work to do for your job, but the kids are done with their eLearning for the day. There are no after school playgroups, no team sports and dance classes. 

How can parents cope with keeping the kiddos safely entertained and occupied, so that they can finish their workday? Short of parking them in front the TV or game system? 

Here are a few ideas of crafts and activities that can help bridge the gap and prevent screen-time overload. Even after the social distancing rules are relaxed, these are great activities to wile away a rainy day or chase away weekend boredom!


Recycling Idea: Create Plant Pals


A twist on the old ChiaPet idea, this activity recycles found items and other materials into cute little plants. Fun learning activity, too!

Chase Away Boredom with Fun Activity Jar


Let your kids choose their own destiny with a fun activity jar filled with indoor, outdoor, and parent-led activities!


DIY Scavenger Hunts Make Learning Fun!


What a great way to reinforce school lessons! Spelling and vocabulary, science and history vocabulary…anything can be turned into a fun scavenger hunt that will keep the kiddos occupied!


Protect Your Books with DIY Bookmarks


Don’t dog-ear those pages! Protect your favorite books (and school textbooks!) with these character bookmarks your kids can make themselves with a few crafting supplies.

Painter’s Tape Isn’t Only for Painting!


Create fun games indoors without permanently marking floors or harming the finish! Removable painter’s tape is a great way to get kids busy and moving through play.




Get Creative with DIY Story Starters!


Whether you have a budding Hemingway or Morrison, you can encourage writing skills and storytelling with your own story starters.


If you need additional ideas, there are lots of Pinterest boards, parent Facebook Communities, and home learning sites out there with additional activities and crafts. Your kids may find themselves looking forward to hands-on activities, so a little online sleuthing will turn up a whole world of creativity! Be adventurous!

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