There are two kinds of kitchen people. The “traditionalists”, with stained wood cabinets, coordinating countertop, and whatever backsplash is “on trend”, and then there are the people the traditionalists secretly admire. You know the ones. The people who aren’t afraid to make bold color choices, who always seem to find the perfect colors that coordinate beautifully.

If only we had that eye.

Well, there is hope! recently put together a list of kitchen color combinations that will make you want to spend all your time in the kitchen, and will make your kitchen the envy of all the other traditionalists who dread the thought of failing the color challenge.

Here is a summary of the color options that make it look like you paid an interior designer to update to your kitchen: 

Dove and White



If you crave the all-white kitchen look, but are too afraid to commit the stark blankness of the lack of color, then a light grey and white could be just the compromise you are looking for. Paint the base cabinets a light gray, with the wall cabinets in white, and you’ll create enough contrast to add depth, while still embracing the bright and sparkly clean look of the all-white kitchen.

Blue and White



If you think you are ready for a bolder color choice, consider colors taken from the famous Delft Porcelain (which itself was an amalgamation of Chinese porcelain and other influences). A bold cobalt blue contrasted with white creates a classic farmhouse look.

Wood and Glass



Perhaps you like the look of natural or stained wood, but you don’t like it overpowering your kitchen. By adding glass front cabinets and contrasting countertop, you can tame the rustic country feel with more urban flair. 

Navy and White



Like the idea of cobalt and white, but can’t commit to the bright color? Consider another option from the blue family: navy blue. Add a nautical vibe with brass hardware, or choose softer options with brushed nickel or shiny stainless. Navy and white look amazing together, and leave you with lots of contrasting color options for accessorizing. 

Black, White and Gray



If you love the look of juxtaposition between black and white, but are concerned about how stark the contrast is, you can soften with look with hints of gray. Maybe paint just the island cabinet in gray, to create the perfect transition from light to dark. 

Check out the full article for more color combination ideas. 

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